Pokémap Live – Find Pokémon! For PC (Windows / Mac)

Pokémap Live - Find Pokémon! For PC (Windows / Mac)Download Pokémap Live – Find Pokémon! For PC from Tech Peper.

Introducing Pokémap Live, a real-time map of all the pokemon in your area available for catching in the Pokémon Go game! Here's how it work: simply launch our app and you'll see a live crowdsourced map of all the pokemon found by our users. If your area doesn't have many pokemon on the map, you can log in to your game account and the app will simulate walking around, finding pokemon. That's it, it just works.

Note that due to the popularity Pokémon Go, their servers go down a lot. If our app isn't working, it's because their servers are temporarily down. Simply try again later.

Pokémap Live was built by the team at Skiplagged, a popular and reputable search engine for cheap flights and hotels. Don't worry, security is our priority: your login credentials don't leave your phone.

IMPORTANT: If you're using a fake login account, make sure you complete the setup through the Pokémon Go game first. That means creating a username, going through the introduction, catching your first pokemon, etc. Otherwise you will have trouble logging in.

IMPORTANT: If you're logged in and the app isn't finding pokemon after a while, kill it and start it again. We're tracing the problem and will push an update soon.

Source: Google Play Store

Downloads Links For Pokémap Live – Find Pokémon! For PC:

Download BlueStacks: [Link] OR:

Download Andy:[Link]

Download Pokémap Live – Find Pokémon! For PC: [Link] (Google Play Store)

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How to Install ‘Pokémap Live – Find Pokémon!’ for PC:

Download Any of the Emulator you Like (I personally Recommend BluseStacks, ) And Install it on your PC. Now after the Installation is finished Please Follow the Below Guide to Install Pokémap Live – Find Pokémon! on PC.

→ Pokémap Live – Find Pokémon! for PC Install Instructions:

  1. Open The Emulator You downloaded and Installed > Tap the Search button.
  2. Enter the Pokémap Live – Find Pokémon! in it.
  3. Choose Play Store to install it from there > put ID (Configure Play Store) in, if asked.
  4. Let the Downloading and Installation to complete.
  5. Open the Game from Main Menu and Enjoy.

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That’s All for the Download and Install of Pokémap Live – Find Pokémon! For PC, To see how can you run more apps from Android and iPhone on your PC take a look at Tech Peper.

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